Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all! Welcome to 2017!

USA Dance Christmas PartyThank you for reading my blog everyone & thank you for your comments & questions! I wanted to congratulate evryone who found jobs & new career opportunities! As a conclusion of the year, I has privilege to be a part of USA Dance Christmas Party in Naples, FL.

I wanted to show you a little segment of the party! Click on the video and watch the line dance I did with the students & guests at this party! Many of you have seen in VKONTAKTE and on FACEBOOK my photos with Pro/Am students! But I want to tell you that it’s so much fun to work with beginners and newcomers too! Watch this! 

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USA Dance Christmas party, Naples, FL



NEWS, NEWS, NEWS!! Where have I been & what is going to happen NEXT?

imageHi everyone, I have not been active on a blog for some period of time and I am coming back to my blog to make it even more successful! Here is what I want to do next!

Since we are all have to work in English, I would like to switch blog to English from Russian and I want to ask everybody to communicate here with me in English! This way everybody will be practicing their skills and eventually feel better in the teaching environment working abroad! If somebody feels that they would like to communicate with me in Russian, please feel free to leave comments or questions in Russian and I would be more than happy to help as usual.

I also very have recently moved to a different state. My family and I had to say BYE BYE to New York area and now I am based in Naples, Florida! It is a sunny wonderful state where I just set up my own Ballroom company called LET’S DANCE WITH ME, LLC. I took a very big step by leaving the studio where I have been for nearly 7 years, and started my own company in the USA. This is the first step towards my own dance studio which I am be opening one day!

Check out this video, presenting my company!

Working for yourself & running your own company (studio in the future) – it is truly next level and it brings whole new ball of challenges & experiences. I will be very happy soon to share with my experience on the blog with all readers and to show a different side of dance business in the US to whose who are dreaming to continue their career here!

Stay tuned!



Видеопост о сложностях обращения за визой для преподавателя танцев в Америке.

Ребята данный видеопост ? я отснял находясь на конкурсе в Puerto Rico?, в ноябре прошлого года. Разговорившись после конкурса с одним из друзей в отношении сложностей визовых вопросов, мне захотелось выпустить такой постик, чтобы немного вдохновить тех, кто ещё сомневается в своих силах в отношении виз и переезда в Штаты.

Самые распространённые требования к соискателям работы в танцевальных школах Америки и Канады.

Только задумавшись о переезде в Штаты или Канаду на постоянную работу или на время, одним из первых вопросов, который возникает в голове “А чего ждёт от меня работодатель, какие есть требования, что есть норма в таком виде работы?”

Так вот именно о стандартном наборе предпочтений работодателя хотелось бы и поговорить в данном посте.

На самом же деле предпочтения работодателей варьируются, однако существует стандартный набор, наличие которого будет влиять на принятие ключевого решения со стороны студии. Итак, рассмотрим каждое из требований отдельности: