Делаем successful O-1 visa case. Публикации и статьи о Вас, которые заслуживают внимание консула.

Ребята виза O-1 – штука сложная, но НЕ НЕВОЗМОЖНАЯ!!! Все постоянно ломают голову над тем, как ее получить, как сделать так, чтобы офицер посольства поверил в ваши навыки и выдал визу для работы в Америке! Всем уже давно понятно, что виза O-1 подразумевает наличие экстраординарных навыков и способностей, другими словами эта виза для танцоров высокого уровня.Однако, сами того не знав – вы можете невольно поставить крест на своей карьере.

Совсем недавно я переписывался с парой насчет визы O-1 и в пример ПЕРВОКЛАССНОГО резюме для визы O-1, сбросил им статью под названием –

Stars from AMERICAN IDOL, SYTYCD & DWTS Set for Tonight’s BALLROOM WITH A TWIST at Bucks County Playhouse

В сей публикации перечислины танцоров из самых популярных теле-шоу в Америке, посвещенных танцам и искусству: American idol, So You Think You can Dance и Dancing with the stars. Ниже я решил выложить биографии “наших” бальников, которые вы можете использовать как пример СУПЕР УСПЕШНОЙ биографии для себя в процессе создания портфеля документов на O-1 визу!!! Итак так рассмотрим в деталях.

Пример # 1 – DMITRY CHAPLIN.

DMITRY CHAPLIN is recognized as one of the most distinguished Ballroom Dancers and Choreographers in The United States and around the World.A Star Professional on “Dancing With The Stars,” an EMMY Nominated Choreographer for his work on “So YouThink You Can Dance,” and is one of America’s favorite dancers. Dmitry’s Ballroom dancing career began at the age of 12 in his hometown of Rostov-on-Don in Russia. He moved to the United States in 1999 and after studying both in America and the United Kingdom, he began representing the United States at many world famous ballroom competitions. Dmitry won many of titles, becoming a National Finalist in 2006, and ultimately a semi-finalist and finalist in prestigious International global competitions. In 2006, Dmitry’s dance career took a different course – he won a place on the FOX hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and became one of America’s Top 10 dancers.He soon established himself as a favorite America and all around the World. This led to offers and invitations to choreograph and perform not only in the USA but many in Countries generating even more critical acclaim.

After a series of guest performances on “American Idol,” Dmitry was invited as a ‘special guest’ to dance with Gloria Estefan on the phenomenal and EMMY winning episode “Idol Gives Back.” Numerous TV offers followed, leading to special guest appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show , Jimmy Kimmel Live , Good Morning America , Live with Regis and Kelly , Larry King Live , KTLA news , The View and many more. 2009 was a milestone year for Dmitry when he choreographed an Argentinean Tango on “So You Think You Can Dance” . This earned him an EMMY Nomination for best choreography. That same year, Dmitry also became Runner Up Champion in “Dancing With The Stars” with his partner Mya, receiving a record breaking number of votes making him one of the most popular dancers on the show.

Dmitry headlined the Vegas spectacular show “Dancing with The Stars – Live!” and during this time made frequent guest appearances on TV and choreographing on SYTYCD and Dancing With The Stars. He was invited to perform and guest teach at many prestigious conventions and industrials, which he still does today when he has time. He was invited to headline the new live tour of “Ballroom With A Twist” and makes frequent appearances with them all over the United States. Last year, 2013, proved to be the next exciting stage in Dmitry’s career. He was not only Invited to choreograph an entire episode of the FOX hit show “BONES” but seeing him work the Producers offered him the Guest Star roll of Kendrick Mantorov , the suspect, in the premier episode of the Season.

It was the highest rating show of “Bones” that year. Dmitry has been invited back to choreograph for the forthcoming seasons of “Dancing With The Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. At the start 2014 Dmitry Guest Starred on the hit ABC Family show “Baby Daddy” where he played the role of Vladimir the Ballroom expert and once again choreographed the entire episode, to be aired later this year. Balancing a career that combines acting, dancing, choreographing, teaching, personal appearances on TV, at events and conventions across America, Dmitry is in constant demand all around the world. His high profile TV appearances have made him a highly sought after personality and has become an inspiration and motivator to many young people and future stars who, through his example, are given hope that their dreams can become real.



ANNA TREBUNSKAYA With her breathtaking red hair and sexy moves, Anna Trebunskaya is one of the fan favorites on the ABC hit competition show Dancing With The Stars. Over 10 seasons on the top rated program, Anna has waltzed, fox trotted, tangoed and cha-cha’ed with celebrities and athletes such as NFL greats Jerry Rice and Kurt Warner, Olympian Evan Lysacek, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, UFC fighter Chuck Lidell, actor Steve Guttenberg, fashion guru Carson Cressley and soap opera legend Jack Wagner and during the All-Star season she was partnered with 98 Degrees heartthrob and Broadway actor Drew Lachey. Anna has been twinkling her toes since the age of six – winning her first competition at the veteran age of seven. She moved to the United States at 17 years old with her parents who are former pro ballroom dancers and studio owners.

With grace, a stellar personality and the humor of a standup comedian, Anna is the perfect mix of vixen and girl next-door. The Russia beauty has been featured in various media outlets including Shape Magazine, Life & Style, Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue, TV Guide, Runway, InTouch, People, US Weekly and others. A wonderful pitch woman, Anna has been on ABC’s Shark Tank as an endorsee of PostureNow and has appeared in the infomercial for Total Gym. Giving birth to her daughter Amalya in January 2014, Anna is a spokesperson for various baby and mommy brands.

Anna is one of the hosts of the recap show of Dancing With The Stars on AfterBuzzTV.com and she blogs for Good Morning America in the off-season of DWTS. You can see on the light up the dance floor as part of the Ballroom With A Twist tour. The 2013 and 2014 seasons have allowed Anna to take the stage as the live host of the show as well. With a passion for acting, Anna has been training with acting coaches Joanne Barren and D.W. Brown for several years. An entrepreneur, Anna owns the You Can Dance ballroom studio in Hermosa Beach CA. Websitewww.annatrebunskaya.com Twitter: @atrebunskaya


Пример # 3 – ALLA KOCHERGA.

ALLA KOCHERGA has been seen in a wide range of entertainment industry shows from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, to national commercials, and recently a principal on the classy but sensational touring show titled Ballroom With A Twist directed and choreographed by DWTS’s own Louie van Amstel. Originally from Ukraine, Alla moved to Los Angeles at the age of five where she began passionately pursuing the art of dance. With ballet as her foundation she later developed a love for ballroom, and from 11 years of age has managed to earn the title of California State Champion, National finalist, top 24 in the IDSF World Open Ballroom Competition, and recently won the first segment of Ballroom Battle on the hit show Dancing with the Stars!

Her unique facility mixed with her hard work ethic and professionalism has steered her from the competition world to the performance aspect of her artistry. Alla strives to make an impact on every audience she encounters and lives each day seeking to learn and improve her performance and believes that being a student and growth are the key to success.


Пример # 3 – ALLEN GENKIN.

ALLEN GENKIN is thrilled to be performing with the cast of Ballroom With A Twist having just won this past season’s Ballroom Battle on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. He will again be dancing with his partner from DWTS, Alla Kocherga! Allen was the Youth National finalist in 2008 and ranked top 10 in Youth and Amateur division in USA for many years. He has been a professional competitive dancer since the age of 11 . Allen would like to dedicate his performance to his mother.






OKSANA DMYTRENKO has been a force in the world of competitive dance since the age of 6. Oksana was a juvenile and junior finalist in multiple competitions in her native Ukraine, before becoming the National Youth Champion.

She held this high honor in her country for 3 consecutive years. When Oksana took her skills to the international realm, she truly began to flourish by earning First place in the International Dance Union World Cup 2005 and 2006. She earned 1st place in the Dutch Open 2005 & 2006, and First place in the 2010 World Masters amongst many other accolades.

At the age of 18, she took her pursuits to the United States where she repeatedly took Second place in the National Amateur Championships which led to the honor of representing the U.S. in Who’s Who In The Company for the World Championships in Australia. After turning professional in 2011, Dmytrenko took First place in the Professional Rising Star Latin category, making her the national champion. She also became the USDC Open to the World professional Rising Star champion.Oksana now graces television screens worldwide as a pro on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, recently performing on her 3rd season as a member of the troupe.

Естественно все эти ребята – уже состоявшиеся звезды. Однако факты, которые приведены в резюмы могут навести вас на мысли о том, что у вас есть что-то подобное, что можно использовать и показать вашу необыкновенность и умения в какой-то танцевальной области. Внимательно прочитав выше изложенные резюме, попытайтесь нарисовать свое резюме на O-1 визу в подобном ключе и представьте соотвествующе подобные достяжения офицеру посольства США. И безусловно, если имеются подобные публикации о вас, как о танцоре, их немедленно стоит прекрипить к вашему делу на O-1 визу.

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