Real Life EXAMPLE how to create your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE & certify your knowledge – my FRIENDS and COLLEGES – Vitaly Denisov & Natalia Pazyna.

 In this post I wanted to share with everybody HOW TO CERTIFY and HOW REAL it is today to certify your knowledge and stand out of the crowd for a Ballroom dancer. And thru this article I also wanted to say how such a thing as professional exam makes you look different and unique in the eyes of others.

Up to this day, I wrote on my blog many articles and comments where I was trying to explain many times that any type of professional certification significantly HELPS you in the process of finding the job of your dream in any country of the world. And ESPECIALLY certification increases your chances of getting job in the United States or Canada!

No doubt any medal test or an exam REQUIRES lots of long hour studying and work on yourself in order to complete such a project successfully! Having done SIMILAR tests myself in the US, I know how hard your head may spin from learning of numerous amounts of turns, footwork, alignments and many other technical characteristics which study books want us to be proficient at! And to deliver the importance of this matter to the readers of my blog – Dance Teacher Abroad, I decided to use as an example the EXPERIENCE of my DEAREST friends, colleagues and great PROFESSIONALS in their field – Vitaly Denisov & Natalia Pazyna.

A few word about my relationship with this couple. First time I met Vitaly & Natalia in 2002 or 2003 if I am not mistaken in Serpukhov, Russia at a dance sport camp organized by one of the greatest Russian coaches – Alexey Teshin & Alexey Galchun. Since that time both Vitaly & Natalia and I have grown a lot. And it happened that I’ve accidentally seen on their page at VK.COM the post about their wonderful success at Dance Sport Institute in Italy! So, I immediately decided to contact them and ask for an ONLINE interview via VK.COM.

The reason why their experience is so so unique is that they were taking qualification tests three years in a row and this year they passed their exams both in Latin & Standard with a highest score possible! That became a HUGE ACHIEVEMENT for Russia, since no other Ballroom dancers from Russia were able to accomplish such a thing before!

Congratulations to Vitaly & Natalia and let’s see what THEY HAVE TO say to us about their unique achievement at Dance Sport Institute! To make all short, I am going to shorten their names: Vitaly Denisov as V.D and Natalia Pazyna as N.P. Let’s begin!!!!

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Can you guys tell us, where the idea of studying at Dance Sport Institute came from? What made you do that?”

Answer from V.D.: “Well, we study throughout our entire life… We both graduated from RUSSIAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION with a major in “Ballroom Dancing”. Natalia got a degree with honors! We never had a doubt that a quality education always leads you to success. As a result, when we found out that such a thing as DSI exists we immediately decided to join this institution.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Vitaliy, Natalia, could you please tell me, what did you really need to know to pass the exams successfully?”

Answer from N.P.: ” First of all we really had to know the theory. Secondly, we had to be able to demonstrate all figures which were put together in special routines of bronze, silver & gold level of difficulty. And thirdly, every student had to be able to demonstrate confident and logical answers to examiners. Confidence and knowledge that was the key to success! You could not just show up for an exam after you read the book on a surface a few times…”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “If possible, could you tell us what was the structure of the exam, how long was it, what type of format of exam you had to deal with?”

Answer from V.D.: “The whole exam consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical (demonstration). First we had to demonstrate a certain choreography of one of the dances out of 10 to music. After the demo, we were asked theoretical questions by the examiners. The duration of the exam officially is not set. However, usually the exam does not last longer than 10 min for each student.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “And one more question, what type of opportunities does the certification by DSI open for you?”

Answer from V.D.: “The certificate of DSI is not an official degree-type certificate like your would receive from a 5-year University. However, if we would talk about the opportunities, I would say that the opportunities are unlimited. The certification of DSI gives you a real knowledge and opens doors to successful entrepreneurship and teaching on a high level in dance business.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Now that you’ve passed successfully exams at DSI, does your status allow you to judge in Europe or Russia?”

Answer from N.P.: “No, DSI certification does not automatically give you any judging privileges in Europe or Russia. However, the interesting thing is that many students of DSI & DSA are the judges of WDSF and  the judges of their national dance sport federations.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Vitaliy, Natalia, could you tell please, how the studying process works at DSI, did you have to take lessons with any coaches, what is the format?”

Answer from N.P.: “The classes take place at DSI every week, throughout the entire year every Monday. There is a curriculum and it consists of classes on technique of Latin & Standard, methodology of teaching, Anatomy, Physics, English,Psychology, pedagogy, management, and dance sport practice.  All classes are taking place with a professional translator specially for those like us:) (smiling).” 

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Guys, could you tell us what did it cost for you to receive such certificate from DSI? What was your investment?”

Answer from V.D.: “Well, the amount of your investment may vary depends what type of result you are after….For example, in order to JUST to pass one of the exams you would need lots of funds to make it happen. In contrast, me and Natalia were after the highest result possible on such an exam. Well, this required us to spend much more than on average result. And in the end, I’ll say that the ammount of money DSI certification requires – COULD NOT be compared with usual expense amount of a couple who compete internationally.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Vitaly, Natalia, how realistic it is to join DSI for an ORDINARY Ballroom dancer?”

Answer from N.P.: ” DSI accepts students of any levels and any countries and nationalities! The only objective difficulty is that it is challenging to be present all classes if you do not live in Italy.So, if you decide to join DSI – just contact them and you will be included in the classes starting next calender year.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “Vitaly, Natalia, what type of books did you use to study for an exam and who was the examiner?”

Answer from V.D.: “To be able to answer the questions at the exam, we were using new official study materials of WDSF both in Latin & in Standard. Regarding the examiners, we were tested by the experts of Dance Sport Academy and by specifically brought high class specialists to conduct the exam.”

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “And a question what is Team Diablo Dance Sport Academy?”

Answer from V.D.: “Well, Team Diablo is a group of HIGH CLASS specialists in Ballroom dance who has immediate and long-term goals as follows: implementation of any Ballroom dance projects both on national & international level (for example, they wrote 10 dance study books approved and used by WDSF); development of scientific researches on regular basis in their own lab; ongoing process of self-development and education in Ballroom dancing;

Question. Sergey Vasilyev. DanceTeacherAbroad: “And  to conclude, I want to a question for those who can not fly to Italy to accomplish something that you’ve done. Can they accomplish something similar in Russia?”

Answer from V.D.: “Umm, we are not going to lie here or hide the truth. From our point of view, there is absolutely nothing like DSI in Russia or in the other part of the world. Dance Sport Academy is trying to expand and develop, thus in 2010 they launched a project called  Dance Sport Sch…”

And in the end I want to congratulation Vitaly and Natalia again. I wish them to achieve new hights and continue developing themselves in dance sport industry!!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart guys!!!!! Good luck and wish you to move ONLY FORWARD!!!!!

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